The basic installation of WordPress does not provide a feature to make the entire wordpress blog private. Yes – you can block search engines and Yes you can opt to disable pinging update services when you publish new content; but that’s not completely private. By “private” we mean a WordPress blog that is only viewable to those with a username and password.

So if we want to make a WordPress blog private and ensure that only logged in users can view content we need to direct users not logged in to the login screen, like above.

How can we secure a wordpress blog then?

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Futcha Splash

On a recent job, the client consistently demanded a splash page for their website. Despite my consistent groans and insistence that the implementation of a splash page on their website would instantly turn it, them and me to the dark side, I gave in.

I reluctantly implemented a quick solution using WordPress. I used php to check if the user was referred to the index page from within the site or from out with the site.

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This hack makes WordPress display a category image next to posts.

Every category needs to have an *.png image named in accordance to the “nice name” of the category (if the category is called “Web Development”, the nice name would be “web-development” so the category image should be “web-development.png” and placed in the /wp-images folder in the root of a WordPress blog).

A “my-hacks.php” file must exist on the server of a WordPress installation. If one does not exist create one. Also, ensure that the “Use legacy my-hacks.php file support” checkbox is checked in Options > Miscellaneous in the admin area of wordpress.

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Pre-Written Text On The WordPress ‘Write’ Page

I wanted to have some text at the bottom of e
WordpressHero › Edit — WordPressvery page and thus have it prewritten in the ‘Write‘ section of my admin section of my WordPress blod. I did not want to have to go through the rigmoral of entering the same text everytime that I wanted to write a new post. I asked myself:

How could I do this?

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I wanted to just show my ‘website news’ category in the root of my WordPress installation. But by default index.php shows the latest posts from all categories, this was not what I wanted. So how could I get what I want?

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