Who the hell are you?

I could tell you, right now, but I wont. You can call me Sir Mr WordPress Hero. Consider me your shoulder to cry on when WordPress makes you cry rivers or oceans …

What makes you a ‘WordPress Hero’?

Have you seen any pictures of me? Don’t answer, I don’t want to have to put another sub-head in here – I will answer for you. I have a cape. I am a super hero. You probably want more yes? Proof?

Ok. Ok. Yes I do look like a super hero but I actually am a super hero, honest.

I am not from your planet, this planet, “planet earth” or whatever you human beings call it. I am from WordPress Heaven. WordPress Heaven is a place where WordPress installs effortlessly, plugins update and run like clockwork and everything is good and anything is possible at the click of a fat finger – unlike this planet. Did you know that at any minute, statistically speaking, there are 111 people crying because of WordPress? Yes it’s true (maybe), and it disturbs me (sincerely). It disturbs me so much that I decided to leave my comfortable life behind in WordPress Heaven and check out this place for a while. I think you call it “planet Earth”, but I call it WordPress Hell.

So, I answered your little question and more (probably) – cool. I hope you now get it compadre? I am here because I have a mission. My mission is simple.

“Take human beings from WordPress Hell to WordPress Heaven.”

How can you take me to WordPress Heaven?

Actually I can’t. The human being would explode when in contact with the real WordPress Heaven’s atmosphere. But there is still hope for you.



There is still hope because I can take you to WordPress Heaven in your mind. And I can do this by answering your questions, your pain, and curing your wet wordpress tears.

Ok. Let’s Go To WordPress Heaven Right Now!

Yes. Let’s. Ask me a wordpress question right now compadre!

Why should you ask me a question using the form on the above link? It’s simple. When you share your pain with me and tell me your WordPress problems; I will solve them, because I am your WordPress Hero!